The robot is seen mainly as it tows the stolen crew members from the 'betty' onto the alien research ship. There are 2 robots, each towing half the 'coffins' onboard. The robot is a six wheeled small radio controlled vehicle which uses the same hardware as the six wheeled wheelchair. The bodies would have been interchangable.


The condition of the robot was not too good when it arrived and the choice was to either leave it in its 'broken' state or do some kind of restoration. The decission was to restore as much as possible without affecting any of the original parts, and to make it so that the new and the old could be separated easily if required.


The first problem was the lack of good pictures or screen shots. The vehicle was only seen briefly and many parts that are missing have no reference shots. These would be left to last.


These images show the vehicle on arrival ;





As you can see from this picture, the whole back end of the robot is missing. Broken off and lost, this will be completely restored.


This was the first piece to be recreated. The flange from the top of the robot. Thankfuly there is a fairly good picture of the top of the robot in the book on the making of 'Alien Resurrection' that accompanied the launch of the movie. This was a fairly easy piece to make from MDF and plasticard. The next pic shows it with a piece aquired from the aircraft breakers that we thought would look good inside the flange. 'creative restoration'!


Both parts will be weathered to blend in at a later time.



The flange in place but not yet fitted.


Next was to create a rigid chassis for the body to sit on. This would give it strength and also give something to bolt on all the undercarriage and internal detailing which the original prop didnt have.


This picture shows the original part sitting on the rigid frame. Some internal workings have been added for authenticity. All these bits come from old military aircraft.


This picture shows more internals fitted to the MDF frame that line up with access holes on the original prop.