4 GUN HOLSTER - This is designed to be worn on an actors back, made from sturdy leather.




Childs vintage trike. This is in great original condition (1920's) and as it arrived. Just an oil and clean is all it will get.



Vintage Portobello Road sign casting master - This is the wooden master they used to make the sand box moulds for the cast iron street signs - may sell this....


Vintage Scythe - very nice old scythe with wood shaft and 2 handles.


Large fibreglass Dracula statue - Ideal halloween display!

Large CCT Sillouette studio light.



Medium CCT Sillouette studio light.


Studio lighting rig with 8 spotlights.


vintage spotlights.


Vintage fire extinguisher, bucket and alarm bell.



Large model plane - plastic, wood and metal - 5 foot wingspan!




Vintage US Duncan Parking meter.




Vintage Loudaphone ships telephone.




Vintage US style 'police line - do not cross' crowd control barrier.




Ex-police Vector lightbar.




Vintage 8 track tape players from American cars.




Vintage hand powered workshop pillar drill.




Vintage electric meter - accepts old size 5p.




1980's Hitachi radio/tv's.