This is a new section where I will be listing props/set pieces/costumes/vehicles that will be for hire to film & TV, promotional events, photoshoots, shows etc.....I might have just what your looking for!!



To hire you will need to provide your own insurance based on an agreed valuation of the item your hiring. Some items will need to be collected due to size and/fragility. This will have to be arranged by hirer. Delivery and set-up can be arranged at an extra cost. All courier costs are to be met by hirer. If possible, please allow good time before your event for all arrangements to be made. Any other details can be obtained by emailing me using the link below. 



!!!NEW STOCK!!!   New stock arriving soon and awaiting photos;

A number of vintage fuel / oil cans,

Large amount of aircraft gauges and instruments,

Vintage and obsolete tank periscopes / sights,

more uniforms - military, medeival police + childrens pegan,

2 huge model aircraft (p47 and biplane),

Large collection of vintage street signs / advertising signs / hospital signs / cast iron signs,

original movie studio lighting (2 huge lamps marked 'elstree studios'),

American mail boxes,

Complete adult + child sfx dead bodies - inc head, hands and feet,

Severed heads, arms, hands, legs, feet, torso,

Walk / dont walk sign (1970's),

A number of obsolete phones (more wanted including foreign payphones),




So far I have items such as;



Traffic lights, payphones, street signage, walk/dont walk sign.


Military uniforms;



Weapons and armour;

DEACTIVATED FIREARMS, REPLICA FIREARMS (WOOD, RESIN AND HARD FOAM...various spec.), SWORDS, SPEARS, BOWS, SHIELDS, ARROWS...ETC...( Deativated and Replica firearms are strictly hire only, no sale. Live / sfx / blank firing firearms are not available.....please contact for details)


Mad scientist equipment,


Steampunk props,


Body parts and other horror props,




2 Police vehicles,...(IN PRODUCTION)


Police Vehicle Equipment;

(I now have contacts with a UK based police and emergency vehicle dismantler and can offer lightbars, sirens, radios....etc...for hire only. Some american equipment is also available) 


Ex-military surplus;


Ammo boxes, crates, radio equipment...etc..


Large scale sculpting.



I now have contacts with a military aircraft collector who has an increasing selection of jet fighters based here in the UK. Please contact for availability and pricing;

Sea Harrier, Tornado, starfighter...... 


Aircraft parts;

Ejector seats, cockpits, Inert ordnance, pilot uniforms, etc..........and now have contacts with aircraft breakers.


Please keep checking back as I develop this section and add photos.......


Page one and two of the hire section are now underway.....