Ive been painting photorealist automotive portraits for over 20 years, alot longer than prop making! In that time Ive completed commissions for hundreds of vehicles of all types...from supercars to regular family runabouts. My work has also been exhibited in solo and joint exhibitions. Education includes 2 fine art degrees.


Prop making and poly sculpting takes up most of my time now but I still do the odd painting when asked so please take a look through the gallery on this page and email me if you have a vehicle you would like me to paint either for your self or a gift. I can usually complete a painting in around 3 weeks and all I need is some photos of the car, an idea of the background and thats it.


Alternatively I can paint houses, pets, family, boats, basically anything you can think of.


Prices start at around £350 for something around A3 in size painted in Acrylics.


Thank you for taking the time to look...