I will soon be moving into a large workshop unit which will play host to an exciting new project. The project is in its infancy right now but over the next few months I will be working on the building of a full size replica german WW2 TIGER TANK!





Currently theres some outstanding contracts and personal projects to complete but alongside this will be the collecting of information on the Tigers including technical data, specs and dimensions of all the main external component parts which will involve visits to some of the remaining 6 Tigers that are known, one of which resides at Bovington Tank Museum.



Theres obviously a massive amount of work to be done for a project on this scale as every part has to be researched, photographed and measured before its made to ensure accuracy. I also hope to  borrow, hire or even purchase some of the smaller original parts to make moulds such as tracks from collectors so please email if you can help with this.     



The replica will be a static display piece and made using wood, ply, fibreglass, various casting resins, welded framework etc...etc...



If anyone can offer help with technical info/detailed pics then please email. At this point anything could be helpful!



Some useful links;


www.tiger1.info  - This is a great site with plans and measurements, angles and loads of info.

www.tiger-tank.com - This is the Tiger restoration at Bovington Tank Museum.

www.panzerbasics.com - This is the 'eva' project being built by John Nicholson in New Zealand.

Theres loads of other sites Ive found with pics and info but so far these are the best.




A great opportunity to spend some money on a large R/C model! Its not the most accurate but gives me a large 360 degree view which will be useful in the future.....This ones by Henglong.