A few bits are being collected together for another build project. I have always wanted a 2005 Dalek since first seeing them and recently started collecting bits off ebay. Some are quite good and others will need a little TLC before they can be used.  Plans were aquired from the project dalek website....thanks to them.


The gunbox. This is huge!



Just found some more bits. Ive had these a while and have just started trimming them due to finding a good silicone mould of the seal. You can see a trimmed one inside the resin seal on the pight of the pic below.


This pic shows the silicone seal mould (left) and some of the resin seals Ive cast from it.


MDF rings cut to correct sizes by a mate....Cheers Steve!


 The dome below is from the older Daleks. This one might be for sale as Ive now cot the correct dome with the grooves. However its borrowed so I will have to make a mould to get my own. Pic to follow....Ive also now got the glass domes to go into the light cages....



....and now the better dome! Thanks again Darren.






These came to us from a fellow Dalek builder. Thanks Darren!! 


Got this full set of slats from ebay. They are ok but not great. Abit wonky in places but with some work they should work out fine.