I have been collecting some of the parts needed for a Sterling Stormtrooper Blaster conversion and will be uploading the first pics/details here soon. This is a project that will be worked on abit at a time so keep checking back on progress....


Parts aquired so far are;


New Spec Deactivated STERLING SMG with mag. This being new spec means that the trigger moves, the folding stock moves and the mag removes but thats all. Everything else has been welded up solid. An old spec would have been too much to buy and seing as it will spend its life on display, there was no need. Fortunatly there are no ugly blob welds on the outside like some that are on offer now.



Heres a pic of everything Ive got so far...




M38 WW2 SCOPE. This was bought through ebay and is a good example. Even has fixing screws underneath.




PLASTIC STRIPS. These are the plastic running strips from kitchen drawer cabinets that go along the vent holes on the barrel. Again from ebay. 


Resin tubes. These are replicas for now. I want to try and find a good metal version as there are people making them but resin ones are ok as a temp fix. Purchased from doopydoos on ebay.



Heres a pic of the tubes along with the replica Hengstler counter. I will use the replica counter until an original is found...




Parts needed;


I need an EAGLE HENGSTLER COUNTER. I had a chance at a couple not so long ago but had to pass as money was needed elsewhere. Wish I had got them now!!! Please email if you have a good Eagle counter for sale.


I think everything else is fabricated so thats something for my metalworker to do.


Please help if you can...I want to get this project done as soon as possible as my Stormtrooper costume is waiting to be completed and I hope to display the complete character at an upcoming convention.

The stormtrooper costume is a great early version. Created in the 1990/s from fibreglass and looking just as old with as great a patina as the originals....!!


The scope rail is cut from a 20mm X 2mm bar. One end is bent back on itself and cut to fit into one of the circular holes in the barrel. The other is fixed using a self tapping screw into the rear sight. The M38 scope is then fitted to the scope rail. Later on the Hengstler bracket will also be fitted to this rail.







The plastic strips are cut and fitted to the barrel. These are the kitchen drawer runner strips bought off ebay. The strips were heated with a lighter and carefully bent to fit the holes exactly.






Next photos will be uploaded asap......