The ABC Robot has undergone an extensive rework and repaint. New fibreglassed armour on the arms, legs, feet and shoulders and a much bigger gun! I decided to finally go with a unique paint job thats was very different than the film and comic book visions with details such as a field repaired arm salvaged from another bot while still carrying the ABC shoulder identity badge.


Heres the ABC Robot at the KNIGHTCON SHOW that was held at EXCAPE in Castleford on Sept 1st. A great event with loads of props, characters and cars from various movies.






Heres some photos that I took at the 2012 Manchester Comic Con. The robot took up a whole corner of the stand and was very popular with the public who queued to take photos and get up close. As with the Speeder Bike which I took to the same event, this will get some more photos taken for this page under better studio conditions....