This is my latest creation, the full size Hammerstein ABC Robot - Atomic, biological, Chemical! The Robot is a massive lump standing well over 8 feet tall and has been on and off production for the last year and a half. Due to increasing paid prop work some of these personal projects get put away and only visited occasionaly but after many very late nights its done.


The project began when I was lucky enough to visit 'Weird and Wonderful' - a prop hire company that used to be based at Elstree and saw an original prop robot used in the Stallone movie (there were 2 made - the other one is only seen brielfy inside Geigers Bazaar). I was blown away and immediatly wanted one. However, being a life long reader of the 2000AD comics I wanted to get some of that magic into my build and the result is what you will very soon see. I also wanted abit of freedom to add some of my own ideas. 



Below you will find some photos that I took when it was nearly completed. I brought it home to make space for other work and took some pics on the decking! Better photos will be taken and replace these as soon as possible.


It dissassembles into 16 parts which bolt together and can be easily transported inside a regular Transit van. 


Now available for, parties etc...Please email me if your interested in hiring or commissioning one of your own. I can build one similar for you - every home should have one!














Guarding the home!








 Thanks for the patience of all the Judge Dredd fans and regular visitors to the site who have been emailing for pictures and info on this build.