The full sized speeder bike which has been in planning over the last few months gets underway. This project is purely for fun and once completed it will join all the other projects in the archive.


The speeder bike will be built from fibreglass, wood and metal. The design will include many parts from contacts in the aircraft breaking industry to aquire authentic looking pieces. The decission was made right at the beginning that this had to be a one off, first class replica with removable panels which would reveal engine workings, wires, hoses, cables and other structural and mechanical detail, similar to the restoration of the 'Alien Resurrection' robot currently being done in another section of this site.


The project will be documented on this page so keep looking to see the latest developments.


Firstly a model kit was made to aid reference. This gives a fairly good idea of scale and detail. Pictures in the star wars archives book where its described at 71 x 325 x 69cm long were also used along with a large amount of pictures and descriptions on other internet resource pages. Measurements could then be scaled up from the model and technical downloads. (look closely at the model as its resting on a piece of set dressing from young anakins workshop on Tatooine)


The first stage of the build is a wooden framework. This is what the skin of the body will sit onto. This picture shows the front half of the framework. Access holes and cutaways have been put into the flats to reduce weight and allow for fibreglassing the inside of the skin when that time comes. This has been accurately scaled up from the model and plans. 


The MDF framework is virtually finished. This is strong enough to hold the weight of all the fittings and attatchments that will be added later. This also needs to hold the weight of a rider. Next stage is fabricating the fibreglass skin.  


Thick card was then laid over the MDF framework giving a smooth surface for the fibreglass. A couple of layers of fibreglass were then applied giving a firm shell, which is ready for the final filling and sanding.


The fibreglass shell now has a smooth surface in car filler. This took more time than anything so far as all the surfaces had to be completely correct to the model. The next job is to mark on and build up where the handlebars etc.. join to the body.


Air vents, scribe lines and control panel start to take shape.


Seat area primed and ready for the base of the seat to be made. This will be formed by layering and glueing mount card up to the desired thickness. The layers will then be laminated in fibreglass for strength and filled/sanded. The result will be strong eneough for upholstry.... 



Engine cowls just completed. These are made from thick fibreglass and finished with smooth filler.  They will have further trimming when they are fitted to the main hull of the bike which will include the small cutaway at the base of each panel.



This pic shows the inside of one of the cowls...This same technique will be used to create the underside panel and rear engine flaps.



 This is the engine box, currently upside down. Made from MDF, wooden dowel, and lots of filler.



 Closeup of the part weve nicknamed 'the sump guard'



 The back....








Front forks and lower steering vanes are nearing completion. The front forks needed to be tapoured which was done by using plastic pipe.  The pipe was split down its length and opened out to the right diameter, then fibreglassed and smoothed over with UPOL filler. All other parts are fibreglassed MDF.











This is the fibreglass cowling that fixes below the main body.





These are the 2 engine parts that go inside the 2 engine cowlings that I made earlier. They are made from resin and fibreglassed poly foam. These will get fixed to either side of the engine box.




Rear flaps, made from MDF and detailed with ball bearings. The flaps are slightly angled and fibreglassed for strength. These will be fixed onto the engine cowls when I do the test build at a later date. 





The rear end begins assembly! All the parts recently made for the engine, cowls and flaps are put together while the bike is laid upside down. While its upside down the central engine parts and intake will be constructed next. Once the heavy metal stand comes back from welding then the bike will be turned over and assembly will begin on the top side. 





Next part photographed is the side intake. Theres loads of new parts to put onto this page including the welded stand, foot pedals and foot bars, handle bars, all steering vanes, laser gun, all front steering linkages, and other engine parts but a problem with the website only allows one pic at a time to be uploaded and it takes ages so please be patient.....






I just started collecting together the BIKER SCOUT ARMOUR pieces for when the project gets finished and starts going to conventions etc.... This is a set of the fibreglass parts....just need to get the soft parts and boots.


The helmet I already had.....


 Next picture to follow soon.....