This page will document the building of my full size Aliens Powerloader. This project is taking over from the recently completed ABC Robot and Speeder Bike projects which are now completed. Its set for a completion date of summer 2013 as theres alot of other projects that will need to be completed first such as the Judge Dredd costumes and props.



The Powerloader is an awesome prop that Ive loved since first seeing it on video when I was a kid. I dont know if the original still exists but theres only a handful of good replicas out there so this one will be fairly unique, especially to the UK.


It will be concstructed largely from wood, metal, fibreglass and resin parts with working rotating light and racing harness. I also hope to source the correct controls and joysticks so if you can assist with identifying anything that could help then dont be shy. Again, this will be transportable so will hopefully go to some events and conventions next year.


First photos will appear this weekend.....Until then, heres a pic from the movie;






Heres the first pic! The feet are not finished yet but I thought I would upload progress so far. The foot nearest has the fibreglassing and some surface filler done. The furthest foot is just the laminated mdf all screwed together. These are also fibreglassed on the inside for extra strength as the bases of the legs will sit inside these parts.




The feet are nearly done. The ankle disks have been made from MDF, plasticard and resin parts and then silicone moulded so they are all the same and then added to the feet rather than the legs just to give extra stability to the whole thing once its stood. Everythings fibreglassed thickly on the inside again to keep things together once the legs start to get built. I wanted to get these good and heavy so no disapointments there!




The latest pic shows the progress of the lower legs. These parts are laminated MDF in 3 layers on each side. The lower legs are permenantly fixed to the feet for stability when someone is standing inside.



Latest photo of the lower legs showing side panels completed, front edges to the foot platform and some greeblies. Filling and sanding is getting done now.




Upper legs get started. The Knee disc will be silicone moulded so it can be replicated 4 times.




Laminated MDF side panel. This was complicated to get right!



Both upper leg sections are in place. The next part is where these join onto the body which have to be very solid to safely support the body, arms etc... Evrything above this join will be made from fibreglassed foam to keep things light. 



The back... Abit more tidying needs to be done here.





The legs have been extended up to the hips now.....
 pic soon....