This page is to document the build of a street judge costume and a judges costume. I will be using castings made directly from studio originals/moulds for these builds.


Once completed they will be joined by Judge Hunter and Aspen Guard costumes that will be made from scratch over the coming months.


Again, these costumes or castings are not for sale, sorry.


First parts are the armour pieces for the back;


Small armour pieces;


Shoulder bells and knee armour....


These pieces make up the gold shoulder armour blocks. All the parts are different and are applied in order.



Shoulder armour. So far, all Ive done is trim the edges on these pieces. They dont need much more work than that as they are good castings. The shoulder bells, gold blocks and back armour all hang off these pieces so they will need some strengthening inside and then they are ready for primer.



....and the back!


Latest pieces..badge surround and front armour detail/pad. Now cast and replicated in resin.


Rear shoulder armour pads for the Street Judge. Cast in resin. 


This is the prototype for the Street Judge chest clip. Ive done it in resin and so far fitted an original clip from the box of goodies that came from a crewmember. Not too sure how this actually goes together as most of my reference pics are crappy but this is a way of testing out theories! I should have something that looks and works right pretty soon... 


Chest clip.... will be fitted to the shoulder armour with webbing straps. note the extra piece in the middle that allows for movement without straining the clip. I think this must be how the originals were constructed as most photos show an extra piece located here. At this point though the clip itself is probably the wrong design. 


I made a resin mould of the under arm strap so that flexible castings can be made. 


Belt and Holster - This is a screen used belt and holster that I aquired from a crew member. Its well used so will be used for reference only as I want to remake it from scratch.


Badges and Buckles - These are studio made originals that came from a crew member. The top two are buckles from Dredds and the Hunters costumes and have the buckle fittings cast into the back. They will be useful when I come to assemble these parts of the costumes.


Gauntlets and pads - the important ones here are the vac-formed pieces which will be silicone moulded so that I can make them in fibreglass. The others are soft foam prototypes.


Clips and Buckles - This is a big bag of studio leftovers I recently traded. All these are from the production of the original costumes and will be very useful when it comes to putting the final costume parts together. 


The prototype shoulder armour begins its assembly. This is to test that everything fits. The blocks that will eventually be painted gold fit fairly well although some reshaping was required to get them to line up. shoulder bells next.....






Shoulder armour now with rear 'armadillo' sections fitted using webbing strap. Straps allow for movement. 


Shoulder bells fitted with webbing straps....


Chest clip fitted....


correct clips attatched to te kneepads. The clips are attatched using a combination of webbing and elastic strap.


Next pic to follow.....