A mate of mine restores obsolete jets for millionaire playboys and other people with far too much money. Sometimes these planes come to him with missing parts which can be near impossible to find so I make replacement parts for him in fibreglass. They look just as good for a fraction of the cost. Obviously these planes are for static display only.



Heres the finished Harrier jet.....




One of my replicas....the MATRA 155 Rocket nosecone.



Heres a MATRA rocket nosecone that I did for the hire part of my own business. Now that I have the tailcone, I can offer the full rocket pod for hire. please email for details. The full prop is around 7 foot long. (No sale...hire only)


With tailcone.



Another replica piece....the panel just behined the cockpit. Its alot bigger than it looks!



Heres the panel before paint. This took a 6 part silicone mould. We wanted to do it this way to capture all the detail even though you cant see the panel too well from the ground. Attention to detail is still very important.



This photo shows a pair of engine cowls that Ive made for the speeder bike project (see speeder bike project page) which shows how fibreglassed panels can be created for replacement or bespoke parts. Rivets, scoring lines and other surface details can be added to create a very authentic looking panel and at a fraction of the cost and time needed to make panels in metal.



The tailcone for the  MATRA rocket pod is another of my replicas.



Another view of the top panel



Heres another jet that I worked on. I did the '712' panel, the tailcone for the fuel drop tank, the rear tailcone on the jet itself (closeups below) plus some other small panels. 



closeup of the 712 fibreglass panel....even the inside of this panel was cast in silicone as it could be seen!!!



The rear fibreglass tailcone.



Rear tailcone.



This is a panel from the underside of the jet. Original on the right, unpainted fibreglass replica on the left.



Another small panel...approx 1 foot square.



Ejector seat part 1.



Ejector seat part 2.






Ejector seat part 3.