Replica bazooka rounds made from scratch and supplied unpainted to the reenactors.




FULL SIZE REPLICA OF THE RALPH MCQUARRIE CONCEPT R2D2....Made from scratch using sketches found inside the Star Wars Chronicles book....(in production). Please take a look at the dedicated webpage on this site.






IMAGINE - JOHN LENNON'S CENTRAL PARK MEMORIAL. I recently went to New York and on seeing the memorial to John Lennon I decided to make my own to display at home. My original was made using MDF and plasticard and then silicone moulded. The one you see in the pics is a resin cast from my original. My mum was lucky eneough to have met john when The Beatles played near here and has alot of original John Lennon signatures on various things. This piece will be framed with one of the signatures.






ROCKET POD NOSE CONE - This is a casting from an original rocket pod which was made for fitting on a static display Harrier jump jet. The pods were originally made from aluminium with a fibreglass cone inside that the rockets would fire through. Once used they were dropped which is why they are quite rare. For this commission I had to rebuild the fibreglass cone to fit the framework exactly and silicone mould the whole thing. Once painted they look quite authentic and four of these under the wings of a Harrier will look awesome.





Control panel....made using old gauges and dials. These look good as background sets and can easily be made to order.



 This is a project that a local company contacted me about. The project was to create, from scratch, a 12 foot high dinosaur head and neck plus an assortment of large bones, tusks and signage for a theme park. The sculptures were carved from large polystyrene blocks and coated in smooth-on hardcoat and painted. The photos show the project nearing completion. The dino head just needs eyes and a 2 foot horn fitting.








These are the bones (7foot tall) and some of the signage plus a tusk.



Harry Potter and the Philosiphers Stone - Hogsmeade station sign. This sign is full size and was made from MDF. Measurements were obtained from the 'Goathland' station signs on the backs of the station benches which were switched for Hogsmeade signs in the movie so this would fit the benches exactly.


HARRIER REPLACEMENT PANEL - This is another replacement panel for another Harrier restoration project. Its the panel that fits behined the pilot canopy and between the wings and is the most complicated to date. This one took a 6 part silicone mould to create from another original panel. There are only 2 of these aircraft left in existence so the panel had to be replicated in fibreglass as no other original parts remain.